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Family Constellations


Psychology Transgenerational – Psycho-genealogy

What are the Family Constellations and how they act

Immediate impact in working with the staging by the W ia with the technique of family constellations, they are in the light, under the eyes of the participants in the meetings, the ties with the origins and with what holds “bound, ensnared, connected”.

Carried by a “force” bigger, veiled a conscious level, but clearly visible to our deepest part, the ” resonance of morphogenetic field ” lets hear and see in the movements and feelings that people who are immersed move and reveal the s describe entimenti not own.

A family member excluded or forgotten because maybe a difficult fate, will weigh much in the fate of generations until not be re-inserted and have a place in its core.

A brother or a boyfriend, disappeared in war or a child died young or aborted by his parents, a woman who died in childbirth, etc., It happens that another member of the next generation family unknowingly replace those who have been excluded and it mimics the fate expressing its emotions and its symptoms, or trying to follow him in death. 

If someone has not taken responsibility for a grave offense, a child will try later to atone for this guilt, paid the price with his health, his happiness, with his success in life.   

The work with family constellations

Through the staging of family constellations, are brought to light the hidden dynamics that keep us tied to our family and make us belong to that group, these dynamics lead us to implement the behaviors that affect both our lives that our feelings, without them they belong.  

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